Mallas Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co. custom weaves coarse wire mesh space screen with pre-crimped wire for mining, quarry and sifting industries.

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Crimped coarse woven wire mesh is made from high tensile steel wire that can be pre-crimped at various intervals to form a weave effect. Crimped wire mesh work as the by-product of both quarry screens and high tensile woven wire mesh panels. As they are made from high tensile wire and with the addition of the crimp, they become an extremely strong and durable wire product offering accurate opening and great firmness.

Crimped wire mesh can be used on various applications, such as mining, indoor & outdoor furniture, gates, security bars and quarry screening.

Double weave crimped wire mesh for small and medium wire screening;
Lock-crimped wire mesh for light to medium wire screening;
Double lock crimped wire mesh;
Slot opening triple shoot crimped mesh.

Materials: High tensile steel wire, stainless steel wire.