Knitted wire mesh, with the feature of good flexibility & strength, are mostly used into the design of most catalytic converters, auto filter assemblies, various industrial filter and mist demister applications.

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Benefits: Knitted wire mesh filters (mufflers) offer low resistance and maximum efficiency up to 98%.  Knitted wire demister pads can be designed with specific density and materials to optimize flow capacity and provide efficient filtration.
Materials Applied: Stainless steel, monel, brass, aluminum and tin or copper coated steel.

Forms of Supplies:
Knitted wire mesh can be deformed into demister pads, or rolled into various shapes and grades for industrial filtration, mist eliminators, breathers and mufflers.


-fluid & air filters
-thermal shock absorption
-exhaust seals & gaskets
-end rings
-separators & breathers
-flame arresters
-noise suppressors in silencers & mufflers
-protective shielding as curtains & blankets
-support mesh for non-asbestos packing rings
-support mesh for catalytic converters
-filtration in industrial strength vacuum cleaners
-dust & pollen trapping in clean-air rooms
-intake air filtration in air compressors & engines
-dust filtration in heating & ventilating systems
-grease trapping in heavy duty cooking range hoods
-filtration of compressor oil from air
-breather elements in engine crankcases