Heavy type steel welded wire mesh can be made into panels or deformed into wire works to form concrete structures reinforced with welded wire fabrics. Welded reinforcement mesh has galvanized or plain steel finishes and it is mainly used in slab reinforcing, brickwork strengthening, concrete reinforcing, etc.

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Welded Wire Mesh Fabrics for Reinforcing:
1.Mild Steel Welded Wire Mesh:
Mallas Welded Mesh is a welded steel wire fabric manufactured from plain steel or galvanized steel wire, welded at every intersection to give maximum strength. Welded wire mesh can be cut or bent to the shape required without the wires falling apart and forms its own selvage. Welded mesh is ideal for many applications, such as providing security compounds, window guards, machinery guards, trailer sides and balustrade.

2.Galvanized Welded Mesh:
Galvanized welded mesh can be easily erected for security fencing by various methods such as angle iron, hollow section and wooden uprights. The coils of galvanized welded mesh have a number of uses such as enclosures, partitions, tree guards, cages and aviaries.

Reinforcement Mesh Assortments:

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh;
Slab Reinforcing Mesh;
Floor Heating Reinforcing Mesh;
Brickwork Reinforcing Mesh;