• SS Conveyer Belt Mesh:

We are interested to purchase “Conveyer Belt”. Please let us know if you can supply us the required item on FOB basis, sea freight/air freight charges should be mentioned separately¬† the required specification is as under:¬†

Item Description:

Stainless Steel Wire Conveyer Belt Mesh

For Bright Annealing of stainless steel Tubes.

Width: 180 mm

Length: 75000 mm

Dia of wire: 4 mm

Max. Load: 6.5 - 7 Kg / 1 m of belt.

Material: Heat Resistant Stainless Steel.

AISI: 310 S.

Max. Working Temperature: 1150 °C.

Quantity required: 150 M.

Material of metal conveyor belt: (from shuke)

Conveyor belts is made of various kinds of high quality stainless steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel for use, and it is rationally designed to advanced technology.

Application of metal conveyor belt: Conveyor mesh belt is extensively applied for conveying parts of metallurgy, food processing, pharmacy, glass print, special equipments.

Characteristics of metal conveyor belt: Conveyor mesh belt has the performace of high strength, heat & erode- resistant and also the capability of flexible and enduring.

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